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It's not all about the dress! / Olly Murs' Men

Not all celebrity weddings impress, but we have all really enjoyed the wedding photos and story of the romance between Olly Murs and Amelia Tank. Maybe because of the beauty of the wedding, maybe because they genuinely look so in love and probably a lot because Olly is a likeable chap who doesn’t appear to have put a foot wrong. What a dashing I Do crew, too!

No need to tell you this, but it’s not all about the dress, and so we were chuffed to bits for our good friend Abi Neill of Abigail’s Collection & The Groom’s Room in Colchester, who were chosen to dress Olly Murs groomsmen. Olly had previously visited the boutique in Essex in his role as best man for his friend’s wedding and loved the experience offered there, so he was keen to keep it local with a return visit along with his very own groomsmen.

We spoke to Abi about Olly’s wedding and how it feels to have played such a key role in his big day, which was covered extensively in Hello! magazine:

“Oh gosh it was so cool getting a call from Olly about styling his Groomsmen for the big day, it was exciting being part of the secret Murs wedding buzz! Olly had worn a tailcoat suit of ours as a best man previously for one of our Grooms, and we always said if we could be of service at any stage to give us a call, which he did!

Of course, Olly was very keen to ensure his Groomsman and family looked ultra smart so he tried on various combinations with us and settled on a made-to-measure black lightweight Italian tux for his Groomsmen – the jacket had a stylish, subtle puppy-tooth finish.

The made-to-measure family suits were the same fabric but without the puppy-tooth finish… These all complemented his own Joshua Kane Bespoke black twill jacket and bespoke trousers! They all looked fantastic and it was a pleasure and an honour working with Olly, Amelia and their close friends and family! Such a gorgeous group of people and OMG, what a stylish and special wedding!”

The best thing that could possibly have happened for The Groom’s Room happened… Olly posted this and a load of photos on his Facebook page:

Nothing like upstaging the groom lads' appreciation post to my handsome groomsmen for looking so dapper on our wedding day! Shout out to @thegroomsroomessex & @abigailscollection for making all of them and my family look so cool although I didn’t get my suit there I’ve gotta say Rob was on it from the start, super slick, calm and never panicked (when I was) lol Thanks for everything guys x

Abi and Rob couldn't have asked for better publicity! Congratulations to them and the team at The Groom's Room.

See Bridal Buzz for more celebrity wedding news and gossip and check out Buzz’s Facebook for the post about Olly that went viral!

Look out for more on menswear next month, when we speak to boutiques who cater for men, too and ask what, why and how.

Huge congratulations to the beautiful couple! Image by @Tali_photography for Hello! magazine


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