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How your bridal boutique looks and feels to a bride as she first walks through the door, and of course what she sees on your website and social media will play a major factor in whether she chooses you. Bridal boutiques can curate the perfect bridal experience through the art of clever interior design.

We spoke to several industry-leading bridal boutiques to learn more about their Inspiring Interiors and below, we showcase some of our favourite beautiful boutiques...

Inspiring interiors Ellie Sanderson

Ellie Sanderson

Ellie Sanderson

Describe the interior of your boutique in three words! Only three words? That’s hard, but here goes. Modern, Cool, Comfortable

Ellie Sanderson @elliesandersonbridal

Inspiring interiors Ellie Sanderson
Ellie Sanderson @elliesanderson

When did you last design the interior?

Last year when we relocated we redefined the space in our new barn in Kiddington. The space was a fresh venture away from a traditional high street studio to one that is just super easy to visit and enjoy. Lots of styling space, lounge areas and outdoor space, not forgetting the huge parking facilities.

Our other studio in Beaconsfield has been remodelled every three years or so and is about to be redefined again in line with the new brand aesthetic of our Kiddington space. I feel strongly that retail space should be switched up every three or four years to keep it fresh, current and exciting.

Changing up retail space is not just about swapping the wallpaper, it's much more subliminal, holistic and emotionally engaging. A retail space that feels good can often be hard to define. For me, it is all about the tiny details that when pulled together work effortlessly towards creating a space that is unique and identifiable.

Today’s brides seek an immersive experience. A connection with a brand is all about the authenticity of the people who work there, the products sold and the environment they are sold in. The brand feel of the website should match all social channels and be encapsulated in the store too.


Rob Pearce

Describe the interior of your boutique in three words: Contemporary, Hotel, Chic


Inspiring Interiors Creatiques
Creatiques @creatiquesbridalboutique

When did you last design the interior? The main interior was established 10 years ago and we are now planning a major refit and decoration this December so we are closing over Christmas to achieve this and re-open in the new year with a totally new look. Our new in-house hair salon THE HAIRDRESSSIR was built – we started the day before lockdown, we then closed and building work came to a standstill, which left the back of our shop exposed. It gave us sleepless nights! Finally, work commenced and a new salon was launched, this then freed up space to expand our new occasionwear room. Our exterior shop front was also renovated with black cladding, new chrome shutters and chrome signage. The salon was redecorated this October with vibrant tropical wallpaper.

Do you constantly spot furniture and fittings for the boutique?

We are currently sourcing new furnishings for our refit.

TDR Bridal Birmingham

Rebecca Baddeley

Describe the interior of your boutique in three words! Opulent, Homely, Boujie

TDR Bridal @tdrbridalbirmingham

Inspiring interiors TDR Bridal
TDR Bridal @tdrbridalbirmingham

When did you last design the interior?

We had a complete refurbish in 2021 here at TDR but we never stop updating, refreshing and renewing our offering to Brides. We recently introduced a completely new Suite, our ‘Celebration Suite’ where brides try on their own dresses for the very first time. We adore this space! It's totally in keeping with the aesthetic of TDR and complements what we already have so well.

The Celebration Suite is a welcoming, fun space where Brides can see our fabulous second dress collection, a selection of short, fun dresses, along with other merchandise that they can buy such as Hen Party gifts. There is also the opportunity to have a confetti cannon, behind our bespoke screen and just outside, we have introduced our pink telephone box as another Instagram-able moment.

Rebecca says "We never sit on our laurels or think that our work is over and we are constantly re-inventing ourselves and finding innovative ways to attract brides to our business."

Chameleon Bride


Describe the interior of your boutique in three words! Calming, Coastal, Luxe

Chameleon Bride @chameleonbride

Inspiring interiors Chameleon
Chameleon Bride @chameleonbride

When did you last design the interior?

We did a big revamp and rebrand in 2021 but are constantly adding things and upgrading areas of the boutique. I think ensuring that your boutique always feels fresh and modern is important.

I always have a list of things that I want to change in the future, and these things usually get done in the quiet time over winter.

Here we showcase more amazing interiors from some of the UK's most inspiring bridal boutique interiors.

Inspiring interiors Dollys Bridal
Dollys Bridal @dollysbridal

Made With Love  Bridal
Made With Love Bridal @madewithlovebridal

Made With Love Bridal @madewithlovebridal

Miss Bush Bridal, Surrey @missbushbridal

Joyce Young, Glasgow @joyceyoungcollections

The Real Wedding Collective @therealweddingcollective

The White Collection
The White Collection @thewhitecollection

Inspiring Interiors Yap Bridal Boutique
Yap Bridal @yapbridal

The Ivory Edit @theivoryedit_
The Ivory Edit @theivoryedit_

We would love browsing and sharing your inspiring interior images, send us a DM @weddingindustrynews or email to be added.

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