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The Power of Pinterest! 2024 Wedding Report

In the vast landscape of social media platforms, Pinterest often stands out as a hidden gem, especially for businesses. While many entrepreneurs focus their attention on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, underestimating the power of Pinterest could mean missing out on significant opportunities for growth and engagement.

2024 Pinterest Wedding Report

As we head into the 2024 wedding season, people are turning to Pinterest to find inspiration, plan and shop for their special day. With over 3 billion wedding-related searches and more than 10 billion wedding ideas saved globally in one year on Pinterest, the 2024 Pinterest Wedding Report is filled with fresh ideas to inspire your brides.

This year, people are skipping the stress of large weddings and planning for easy-going, smaller gatherings to support the ‘quiet life’. They are also nostalgic for the timeless elegance of eras past, with searches related to vintage weddings on the rise. And Gen Z specifically is leading the charge in a rebellion against the neutral beige and white wedding, sparking a renaissance in colourful, vibrant wedding aesthetics. 

‘Quiet Life’ weddings

Pinners seem to be turning away from over-the-top, expensive weddings and instead putting more emphasis on quality time with loved ones and guest experiences. Trending venues show that they are planning intimate weddings in cosy environments that connect with nature. They are embracing casual wedding dresses, easy hairstyles and simple make-up. This may be due to increasing desires for the slow, easy lifestyle—searches for the ‘quiet life’, a life of fewer stressors and mindful living, have increased 530% globally since last year.

Simple and nature-themed attire

  • Wedding dress jumpsuit +1,000%

  • Short bridal gown +480%

  • Simple wedding gowns +205%

  • Babydoll wedding dress +190%

  • Comfortable wedding heels +205%

  • Fairy garden wedding dress +155%

  • Forest fairy wedding dress +690%

  • Gen Z spotlight: Earthy wedding dress +50%

Close-knit nuptials

  • Wedding dinner party +150%

  • Small back garden wedding reception +300%

  • Civil ceremony +210%

  • Registry office wedding +150%

Garden gatherings and forest I dos

  • Whimsical garden wedding +450%

  • Garden wedding reception outdoor +290%

  • Small forest wedding +170%

  • Rural wedding +230%

Natural Hairstyles

  • Wedding loc styles +275%

  • Natural curly wedding hairstyles +280%

  • Short hair hairstyles for wedding +245%

  • Messy bun hairstyles for wedding +190%

Natural make-up

  • Natural glam bridal make-up +710%

  • Ethereal wedding make-up +250%

  • Clean bridal make-up +190%

  • Soft make-up looks for wedding +410%s

Pinterest wedding report 2024

Timeless vintage weddings

We’ve seen trends of nostalgia, such as rising searches for Y2K, 1990s or groovy nuptials (1960s and 1970s weddings) as reported in Pinterest Predicts. Now, Pinners are taking it way back, with searches for vintage weddings on the rise. It seems some couples are drawn to the charm and romance of bygone eras, as well as the classic and refined aesthetic they bring. Some may even choose to use family heirlooms like vintage rings to add sentimental value.


  • Vintage wedding rings antique +430%

  • Gold wedding rings vintage +300%

  • Gold bridal earnings +2000%

  • Gold wedding rings couple +350%

  • Bridal choker +345%

  • Pearl jewellery wedding +560%


  • 70s wedding dress vintage +420%

  • Vintage-inspired wedding dresses +240%

  • Victorian wedding dress vintage +170%


  • 70s-inspired wedding +1800%

  • 60s wedding theme +190%

  • Vintage-inspired wedding cake +310%

  • Vintage Mexican wedding +390%

  • Vintage Italian wedding +310%

Gen Z spotlight4

  • Vintage lace wedding dress +200%

  • Vintage wedding rings +120%

  • Vintage wedding cake +115%

2024 Pinterest Wedding Report

Vibrant Vows

A shift to colourful homes from neutral décor has long been on the rise, with searches for ‘colourful eclectic décor’ up 325% since last year. Now, Pinners, especially Gen Z, are rebelling against the classic beige and white wedding and embracing bright colours throughout their wedding décor and outfits. Gen Z seems to have a fascination for red in particular, with increasing searches for red wedding dresses and red roses as décor.

Colourful wedding décor

  • Colourful garden wedding +650%

  • Kitsch wedding +200% 

  • Vibrant wedding flowers +380%

  • Burnt orange and sage green wedding +450%

  • Pink and orange wedding flowers +200%

  • Pastel purple wedding +180%

  • Blue wedding rings +155%

Gen Z spotlight: colourful décor and dresses

  • Colourful bridal bouquet +70%

  • Vibrant wedding colours +45%

  • Green wedding dress for bride +90%

  • Purple wedding dress for bride +70%

Gen Z spotlight: fondness for red

  • Red bride +120%

  • Red rose wedding +85%

  • Red gold wedding +40%

  • Dark red suit +50%

  • Red heart cake +130%

2024 Pinterest Wedding Report

Gothic Glamour 

It seems Pinners are not only rebelling against neutral weddings with colour but with dark, moody décor as well. With searches such as ‘dark romance aesthetic’ (+270% YoY) and ‘moody make-up’ (+100%)3 all increasing since last year, it’s no surprise that Pinterest users are looking to incorporate a moody ambience into their weddings. This creates a sense of intimacy, mystery and drama, which some couples may find romantic or captivating. 

  • Dark fantasy wedding +1,650%

  • Moody wedding colours +260%

  • Dark romantic wedding décor +215%

  • Victorian Gothic wedding +170%

  • Black dress bridal party +200%

  • Gen Z spotlight: dark romantic wedding +144%

In today's digital age, having a strong presence on social media is essential for businesses looking to thrive and grow. While platforms like Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly important, overlooking Pinterest could mean missing out on valuable opportunities for engagement, traffic, and growth. By leveraging Pinterest's unique features and capabilities, businesses can unlock new avenues for success and connect with their audience in meaningful and impactful ways. So if you haven't already, it's time to harness the power of Pinterest and take your business to new heights. So, whether you are a Pinterest pro or just a beginner, there is no time better time to start your pinning!

With thanks to @ivycomminicationsltd Source @Pinterest


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