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Get 2024 booked by Wedding Wakeup

WEDDING WAKEUP provide all the essential tools needed to have a successful and thriving Bridal Business including the UK’s #1 Wedding Business Training App, designed to keep your business goals on track.

Co-owners Emma Arnold & Rebecca Baddeley, are very much aligned in how they believe the wedding industry can and should support one another, grow as a collective, faster, and stronger, than each individual business slowly chipping away, often making expensive mistakes.

Emma says “Being asked by leading bridal wear designer Morilee to spend a year travelling around England, Scotland, and Wales, visiting shops, and seeing how best to support their valued retailers following Covid was a privilege and an eye opener. I always knew that the independent UK Wedding Industry has a very special uniqueness with no two retailers having the exact same needs, as no two retailers are alike, but with the insights gained I now understood how to best offer that individual support, Drive Footfall and most importantly… Get 2024 Booked!”

Emma soon noticed that although each shop was unique the same problem with the same end goal was consistently at the core of all business stress and at the forefront of all owners and managers minds and was regularly asked: "How are bridal retailers supposed to close enough orders, be profitable and grow if footfall is down and customers are reluctant to purchase?"

“There is so much advice constantly being hammered in to shops but does it truly consider the individuality of UK Bridal Businesses. How can the exact same formula be right for every location, customer demographic and business niche? The simple answer is that it falls short of the whole package, much like a jigsaw puzzle that doesn’t have all the pieces.

Finding TIME to carry out all the suggested additional Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Blogging, Vlogging etc that is recommended to attract today’s bride is hard when you have all the other day-to-day essential jobs to do that fall on your shoulders as the owner of an independent bridal boutique? Owners I speak to are asking…

* When are you supposed to be spending the TIME required to drive 2024 brides to your shop?

* What are the essential steps necessary to become part of next year’s brides’ journey?

* How do I stand out and get noticed? How do I stop brides from just scrolling to the next business on their Google search, booking too many shops to visit or worse missing me out completely?

If any (or all) of the above questions run through your head as a bridal business owner… we can help!

We might not be the perfect fit for all and do not claim to know everything, so have built a team around us that do. Wedding Wakeup works closely with expert affiliates that have years of proven results and looked after literally tens of thousands of brides.”

Em & Bec still clearly remember the tough patches and deeply believe that the industry is stronger together and that knowledge is for sharing. “If anything, good has come of our struggles and the lessons we’ve both learnt in over 25 years of bridal retailing, it is that we have tried damn hard to make sure we pass on what we know so that not everyone has to learn the hard way! Bec and I have enjoyed successful, highly profitable bridal businesses but it was hell of a learning curve getting there. We are both determined to give back to an industry we love and look forward to growing the Wedding Wakeup community and sharing our ethos.”

Currently Wedding Wakeup are focused on an exciting new program that works incredibly closely with shops and their highly effective proven system ‘Fast Track to Fully Booked’ six-week training course. It leaves shops motivated and equipped to get their Bridal Business Booked and a great way to start 2024!

It promises to be a game-changer for UK bridal boutiques and most definitely worth taking a second to drop them a short message saying ‘Interested in Knowing More’ to


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