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The Justin Alexander Group Forms Strategic Partnership with Sanna Lindström

The Justin Alexander Group announces the formation of a new strategic partnership with Sanna Lindström, with Investment from CEO Justin Warshaw, focusing on facilitating the exchange of knowledge in key areas of expertise.

The Justin Alexander Group will support the enhancement of Sanna Lindström's business operations, focusing on sourcing, production, distribution, and services exclusively within the business-to-business realm. • The Justin Alexander Group will gain insight into market-specific trends and seize opportunities by utilising the local German expertise that Sanna Lindstrom has built over the past years. New Jersey, December 2023 - The Justin Alexander Group, a leading bridal fashion designer and globally operating US company, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Sanna Lindström, the esteemed Mönchengladbach-based label. The partnership, bolstered by a financial investment from CEO Justin Warshaw, will make him a shareholder of the Mönchengladbach-based company alongside Sanna Lindström and Simon Gincberg.

About the Partnership The strategic partnership between The Justin Alexander Group and Sanna Lindström is designed to foster knowledge sharing, particularly in the areas of business operations and market-specific insights. The Justin Alexander Group's proficiency in delivering outstanding bridal fashion and maintaining high operational efficiency will be employed by Sanna Lindstrom to enhance business operations. The focus will be on sourcing, production, distribution, and services, exclusively within the business-to-business realm. The partnership with the Mönchengladbach-based label will help The Justin Alexander Group utilize the local German expertise that Sanna Lindstrom has built over the past years and gain insight into market-specific trends. This strategic move demonstrates The Justin Alexander Group's commitment to seizing opportunities within the German market. Justin Warshaw, CEO of The Justin Alexander Group, commented, "I met Sanna and Simon earlier this year, and I was inspired by what they have been able to establish in a relatively short time in the bridal industry. Recognizing the vibrant community of brand enthusiasts that Sanna Lindstrom has cultivated, we are eager to deepen our understanding of market-specific trends. Fostering knowledge-sharing remains a key aspect of this partnership, we are enthused to support them in our areas of strength including our production capabilities, wholesale experience, and distribution, while ensuring our bridal boutiques continue to receive the exceptional service they deserve."

"We are thrilled to have Justin Warshaw, CEO of one of the leading players in the bridal industry, join us. Justin has incredible experience and a deep understanding of the industry. The strategic partnership with The Justin Alexander Group allows us to leverage their expertise in sourcing, production and service. In addition, the Justin Alexander Group, with more than 2,000 retailers in about 60 countries, has an advanced infrastructure that will significantly advance the internationalisation process of the Sanna Lindström brand." says Simon Gincberg, co-founder and CEO of Sanna Lindström GmbH.

About The Justin Alexander Group JUSTIN ALEXANDER landed on the bridal scene in 1946 as T&G Bridal in Brooklyn, New York. From its humble roots, Justin Alexander has evolved into a contemporary designer of mid-to-high-end bridal gowns and accessories. Justin Alexander maintains a North American headquarter in New Jersey and a European headquarters in Alblasserdam, The Netherlands, with regional offices in London and Hong Kong. More than 2.200 authorised retailers worldwide carry one or more of the Justin Alexander collections, catering to brides of all budgets and tastes.

About Sanna Lindström SANNA LINDSTRÖM is a German-Swedish bridal fashion and lifestyle label. The label has gained national recognition primarily through regular TV appearances in the successful format "Zwischen Tüll & Tränen" on national TV channel VOX and the founder's bestselling book "Die Brautflüsterin". Founded in 2017, the company employs around 80 people in 2023. Designer Sanna Lindström's wedding dresses, along with other collections, are available in multiband bridal boutiques across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Additionally, there are five flagship stores located in Germany.

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