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Join us, as we Celebrate Difference with European Bridal Week

Over the past ten years, European Bridal Week has evolved into the biggest international trade show in northern Europe, bringing together buyers and bridal brands from all around the world to Essen, Germany. From 13 - 15 April 2024, this influential trade show will again be welcoming visitors from across the globe for a full three-day event across two halls at Messe Essen, celebrating the difference that comes with knowledge, understanding, and shared ambition.

European Bridal Week

“In times like these, it is essential to open your eyes to different perspectives and to approach new ways of innovation,” says Siegrid Hampsink, Event Director of European Bridal Week. “We are all experiencing change within the market, and as the organisers of European Bridal Week, we are keen to embrace those. Difference can bring innovation and broaden our understanding of other values and circumstances; difference can lead to new perspectives and creative solutions in business. It also provides an opportunity to learn and grow from and with others in our field. Celebrating difference opens new doors, starts new chapters, and welcomes a new future for bridal and fashion. That is what European Bridal Week is all about.”

European Bridal Week will be welcoming 500 key brands under one roof in Essen in April, creating a stage and the perfect platform for this global industry.

“The new world of bridal has a remarkable energy; it is a composition of creativity, art, and technology – constantly evolving and full of potential, raising questions and supplying answers. And it will not remain stationary. The very difference that our new world introduces holds endless possibilities and glorious challenges. Let's explore the myriad of meanings together and let's be passionate about creating difference,” states Siegrid Hampsink.

Witness these changes at European Bridal Week 2024, where hundreds of collections will be on show, introducing a new world of design in bridal. The Designer Area, the Instagram Candy Bar, and the EBW Fashion Shows will prove to be unforgettable highlights of this exciting buying experience.

European Bridal Week

Wedding Industry News are proud to partner with European Bridal Week. We are delighted to invite you to join us for this incredible event. As part of this exclusive visitor’s programme, you will receive two nights FREE accommodation with breakfast plus FREE shuttles to the show and airport.

Please contact us to benefit from this exclusive opportunity at

We are excited to become a part of this energetic, vibrant, and dynamic difference in the proposition of European Bridal Week 2024. We look forward to seeing you there!



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