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40 Years of Romantica! Well, what's next?

40 years in business… We say congratulations to top British bridal brand Romantica of Devon, which we love NOT ONLY because they are our near-neighbours in the sleepy Devon countryside and NOT ONLY because they produce collection after collection of outstanding gowns that always, always, always impress but ALSO because it is a truly family-run business, which always has its finger on the pulse, producing designs that are loved by brides and boutiques up and down the UK. Added to this, a new customer portal and distribution facility just opened up in Germany, which means operations in Europe have just ramped up a notch!

Whats new for Romantica?

We talk to sales director James Waddington about what's next for this fabulous family-run business...

James says: “Sally and Mike Waddington started Romantica of Devon in the heart of the Devon countryside with honesty, integrity and family values at the heart of all the wedding dresses produced. We have developed and expanded the brand over the years but have kept the original core values that my parents held so dear at the heart of everything we do. When my brother, his wife and my sister joined me in the business, it felt that we were where we belonged, and it made perfect sense to carry on developing and growing what my parents had started. Sally continues to lead the design team – after 40 years in the industry, there is very little she doesn’t know about the trade.

Romantica has always embraced the trends - predicted them and even created them, but what sets us apart from other dress designers and manufacturers is that we don’t have a niche. We are a brand for all, and we love that every bride will go for something completely different from our eclectic collections. Her wealth of knowledge enables her to lead the creative team, and her experience in knowing what brides are looking for in a wedding dress is invaluable."

Steeped in history

We enjoyed a little history tour through the years as we looked back at their modest beginnings and brilliant achievements over the past 40 years...

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the beautiful new designs, which were just about to take off for a glamorous shoot in the South of France before making their debut at Harrogate this September.

James talks dresses!

Here's what to expect from the gorgeous new Romantica Collection for 2024...

The full 2024 collections will be shown at The Crown Hotel in Harrogate in September, which is actually where they presented their very first collection, 40 years ago…

James says, "We have been exhibiting at Bridal Week Harrogate since the very beginning. It is an essential date in our calendar, because we can connect and interact with our stockists and potential stockists across the three days. This year, we are excited to exhibit at The Crown Hotel, Harrogate."

Join them on Sunday 10th September at 5pm, for their Sunday Soirée when there will be a catwalk show and canapés for their suppliers.

Fast fact: Did you know, the Romantica building is powered by solar panels for most of its operation in the UK, including its steam tunnel, which steams 150 wedding dresses an hour!

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