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WINtroducing Côte d'Azur French Collection by Wendy Makin

The bridal world is buzzing with excitement as Wendy Makin, the celebrated Australian designer, unveils her much-anticipated 2024 Côte d'Azur French Collection, offering a perfect blend of romanticism and wearability.

Let's take a closer look at this seven-piece collection that is destined to make waves in the world of bridal fashion.

The Côte d'Azur French Collection is a testament to romanticism and lightness. This collection, with its relaxed, bohemian shapes, is tailor-made for brides planning destination weddings or intimate elopements. The gowns, designed with meticulous attention to detail, promise a sense of effortlessness and wearability that is essential for celebrations abroad.

Within the Côte d'Azur French Collection, each gown tells a unique story. Celina, with her whimsical spirit and delicate tulle adorned with lace beaded floral appliqué, is sure to captivate hearts. Meanwhile, Minden's pure fairytale allure, complete with angelic tulle shoulder bows, offers a dreamlike quality. Renee, with her textured appeal and 3D floral overlay, provides a romantic touch, and Millicent's cold shoulder tulle and lace sleeves effortlessly captivate and beguile.

Wendy Makin's Vision for the Future

Wendy Makin envisions a future for her brand focused on consolidation and building stronger relationships with retailers and brides. The brand's commitment to sustainability and a move towards slow fashion reflects a conscientious approach to the evolving landscape of bridal couture.

"The future for us as a label is one of developing more sustainable practices and looking more towards slow fashion." - Wendy Makin

Wendy Makin ensures that every bride can step into a world of elegance and grace on their special day. The bridal journey has never been more enchanting, and Wendy Makin invites you to embark on this magical adventure with her.

"The immediate future for the brand is one of consolidation on the groundwork we have built over the last 10 years, to build stronger relationships with retailers and brides alike." - Wendy Makin

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