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WINterview Casablanca Bridal

Global brand Casablanca Bridal has put it's name firmly on the map for quality, stylish bridal wear with a distinctive modern twist. With the development of three gorgeous new labels for 2024, we talk to them to find out more about the exciting new collections and what to expect from this progressive brand this year.

Casablanca Bridal Founder Mrs. Gloria Lu and her daughter, Creative Director Crystal Lu

Tell us about Casablanca Bridal. What’s the story behind the name? 

Casablanca Bridal was established in 1997 by husband-and-wife team, Kevin & Gloria Lu. They had no professional business or bridal background as Kevin was a general surgeon in China and Gloria was a fine-arts college student. Their passion and perseverance quickly made them one of the fastest growing, well-known designers and manufacturers of wedding dresses in the industry! They received many nominations, but within the first five years of business, they won Bridal Designer of the Year and shortly after, the DEBI Awards for Bridal Manufacturer of the Year as well.  


After 25 years of business, Casablanca Bridal is proud to have launched three additional labels, each with unique characteristics. Beloved by Casablanca Bridal is for the free-spirited bride looking for youthful, fresh, and light designs. Amaré Couture is for daring brides who are not afraid to step out of her comfort zone with designs that are as bold and fashion forward as her. Le Blanc Collection is our latest brand for the modern bride who appreciates chic and minimalistic designs with luxurious and sleeks fabrics that truly speak for themselves.  


What makes the label stand out? What’s its USP? 

At Casablanca Bridal, we believe there’s a difference between designing a dress for your wedding and designing a dress for your marriage. We hope in the coming years to continue to help brides celebrate one of the most important days of their life, but the fairy tale does not have to end on the wedding day. The dream wedding can be the beginning of a dream marriage. Casablanca Bridal Co-Founders Kevin & Gloria Lu have a non-profit organisation called Celebrate Forever which provides free provides its members and the public with free education, skills, technology, and resources they need to create lasting healthy relationships and families that can be celebrated forever. At Celebrate Forever, we believe that individual change leads to improved relationships, healthier families and stronger communities with the power to make positive change in the world. This is what Celebrate Forever is all about, and this is how we can change our world.  


Another unique aspect of Casablanca Bridal is how we design all our beautiful wedding dresses in-house and sustainably manufacture them in our beautiful production facility. This gives us complete control over quality, price, and shipping. It also empowers us to be able to offer all our extensive customisation options and never discontinue a style in 25 years! By never discontinuing, we allow bestselling designs in our stores to continue being repeat orders so they get 10x the return on stock pieces retailers invest in.  

What is its position in the market? 

Casablanca Bridal is proud to create quality wedding dress at affordable prices. We offer unlimited customisation and inclusive sizing options to ensure that every bride can create their dream wedding day look. 


Who designs for the label? 

Casablanca Bridal Founder Mrs. Gloria Lu and her daughter, Creative Director Crystal Lu design for the label.  


What inspired the latest collection?  

Our beautiful brides are a huge source of inspiration for us. Every time we customise a wedding dress for a bride, we are inspired by their innovation and creativity. Additionally, Casablanca Bridal Spring 2024 is an exquisite fusion of timeless elegance and modern sophistication captured against the backdrop of a historic mansion at the heart of Beverly Hills, California. This collection celebrates history and tradition while encapsulating the essence of Parisian-inspired wedding gowns. Floral appliqués, chokers, and ostrich feather skirts evoke a sense of ethereal beauty. Like sunlight sparkling on petals in the French Countryside. 




Is it a trend-maker or a dedicated follower of fashion? 

Casablanca Bridal is a trend-maker creating captivating, one-of-a-kind designs each season. The company is inspired to meet the needs of brides worldwide by designing industry-leading bridal fashion.  


Describe the classic Casablanca Bride 

Elegant. Feminine. Timeless. The classic Casablanca Bride is captivated by enchanting floral details and celebrating forever with her loved one. This bride is searching for a dress as unique as she is! She dares to be different and wants a dress that highlights her natural beauty.  

Real bride Angelica Castillo Davis


Where can British boutiques view your collections this year?  

HARROGATE Bridal Week 24 - 26 MARCH 2024 


What do you offer boutiques that work with you? 

We offer custom Media Kits for bridal boutiques that with us to host Trunk Shows! 


What do you have planned for 2024? Tell us your latest news.. 

Our Spring 2024 collections just launched for Casablanca Bridal, Beloved, and Le Blanc Bridal! We have something for every bride and we can’t wait to see these gorgeous styles make their way down the aisle this year. We plan to be at Markets worldwide throughout 2024 showcasing our Fall ’24 collections to our valued and potential retailer partners.  

How can boutiques get in touch?  

UK Sales Agent:  Michelle Blackburn  

Tel: 07935 156275 


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