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Anna Sorbie is long-established as one of the UK's leading wedding hair and makeup specialists, providing bespoke services to brides in and around the Lake District and across the UK. There's a range of hair products, too. Then 2023 saw the launch of a bridal hair accessory range, designed by Anna and handmade by her talented team, the new Anna Sorbie collection features crystals and pearls for that all-important finishing touch, with most pieces offering 360-degree beauty! We caught up with Anna following a successful Bridal Week Harrogate where she offered her unique pieces to the trade for the first time:

Anna says "Our stunning bridal headwear is a collection of hand-crafted heirloom headpieces, designed and handmade in England to perfectly combine style with comfort. I designed this collection after working with other headpieces that weren’t flexible enough to sit comfortably in the finished hair look. Frustrated by beautiful and expensive pieces that looked incredible but weren’t functional, I designed this unique range using luxury freshwater pearls and the best quality crystals with attention to how they will work effortlessly in the hair."

What is Anna's career background?

Anna Sorbie is one of the UK’s leading wedding hair and makeup specialists, providing bespoke service to brides in and around the Lake District, as well as throughout the North, since launching in 2007. While pregnant with her first child at the age of 24, Anna wanted to create a brand which challenged her but gave her the freedom to raise her child and provide for her family - this was and still is, Anna’s drive. Appointed to style hair and makeup for the National Wedding Shows, and a regular in all the bridal titles, Anna has also worked with MACH Management who appoint elite hair and make-up teams for luxury weddings including for the royal family. As a luxury hair and makeup company, the brand now also includes headpiece accessory ranges for weddings and special occasions, and a product line specially formulated for use on extensions and bridal hair, all designed by Anna. The company's roots are in the bridal industry.

What sets Anna Sorbie designs apart from others in the industry?

Anna’s designs are collated into of stunning pieces that look incredible but are functional too. Using luxury freshwater pearls and the best quality crystals, Anna designs with laser-focused attention to ensure pieces sit effortlessly in the hair. After getting frustrated working with others who were beautiful (and expensive) but were never flexible enough to sit comfortably in the finished look, these collections provide a designer touch with comfort, flexibility an affordable price tag.

What have been your highs so far?

There are so many opportunities open to us and so many business highs! We are exploring new markets and ideas constantly. Our partnerships and collaborations with other organisations are at an all-time high and we couldn’t be happier. We train and develop our existing staff frequently and work alongside those educating the next generation of stylists both in the classroom and on our salon floors. The new talent we discover is outstanding and so exciting. Our product development has come to fruition and we are now using and selling our brand in the salon and online – watch this space for Anna Sorbie products and hair extensions in a salon near you!

Bridal hair styling is continuing to be a huge part of our business and we work closely with venues and couples across the North West, achieving amazing results. The opportunities for our brides and grooms to have that designer touch on their big day continue to grow and strengthen. We love to work on creating opportunities in the industry.

What advice would you give yourself when you first started the business?

Anna: "Follow your passions and work hard! You are the expert in your business, but if you need help then ask for it – there are so many talented professionals out there who can support you to grow and thrive. Hard work pays off so keep going! If you have the vision and mindset for success, anything is possible.

Also, have a plan. An overall strategy with room for agility and flexibility is the key. Strive for your overall goals, but with wriggle room for opportunity and entrepreneurship.

Take time for work-life balance and wellbeing – it's twee but true – you cannot pour from an empty cup!"

Is there a single piece which embodies the vision of the whole collection?

"That would be Asteria! It's the ultimate statement piece for smooth updos, a headband featuring large and small stars and crystal embellishments." You can see it here.

What app or piece of tech couldn’t you live without?

Our online booking system integrates into all business areas – I can access it from anywhere and it informs all of my business decisions with the data/analytics it collects.

We wish Anna and her team all the best with her fabulous range of bridal hair accessories. For more information or to enquire about stocking Anna Sorbie's designs:

Instagram @anna_sorbie


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