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Onto a WINner / 2024 Accessory Trends

Naturally, decisions about the dress will always get the most attention and effort, but accessories and finishing touches can make all the difference to a bride’s overall look and these shouldn’t be overlooked or rushed either. Today’s brides are looking for something more than a single-use jewellery set that she will forever associate with her big day, thinking more sustainably all the time. And actually doesn’t it make sense for something so special to be worn more than once?

Founder of WIN, Pippa Florijn says of her various accessories and wedding items: “My Twobirds bridesmaid dresses have been worn many many times, both by the bridesmaids, plus I bought one for myself, which I wore only recently at a wedding in Italy… I’ve been married for nearly ten years, so there’s sustainability right there! I have also worn my Rachel Simpson shoes to almost death, and my Ivory & Co jewellery is still much worn and much loved.”

With that in mind, we spoke to various accessory designers and trendsetters about what they predict will be trending in 2024 but will no doubt remain special to the bride forever!

Harriet Wilde: “Floral Crowns will be bigger and better: oversized and statement pieces!”

Liberty in Love predicts bold statements and unique styles:

Different Looks - Why settle for one accessory when you can have multiple options for different bridal events? From a bow veil clip for the hen party to a cathedral veil for the ceremony and a statement headband for the reception, 2024 is all about styling it up to create unforgettable looks that will turn heads! Bow Accents - The trend that dominated this year is here to stay. Bow accents - as hair accessories, on belts, and adorning shoes are still going to be sizzling hot in 2024. Embrace the chic femininity they bring to your bridal ensemble. Pearlescent Vibes - Pearls and bridal have always been the best of friends. But now, with the rise of the Pearlcore aesthetic, you can explore a wide range of looks. From classic and elegant to a bit more retro and edgy, pearls can be your perfect bridal companion. Silver Shine - Move over gold, because silver is retaking centre stage. In 2024, silver is the metal du jour, adding a touch of sophistication and timeless beauty to your bridal ensemble. Statement Jewellery - It's time to embrace maximalism! Go big with statement jewellery, like oversized earrings and sparkling pieces. These bold accessories will make you shine and add a wow factor to your bridal look.

Astley Clarke thinks personalisation will step up another level:

“We think Charm Necklaces are a big trend, as is personalisation, which can be a lovely idea for a bridesmaids gift in the form of lockets, charm necklace, bracelets and earrings.”

Victoria Swan from Glitzy Secrets says a royal theme is on a roll-out still:

Crown Jewels - The effect of the monumental Royal moment of 2023 will be key for 2024 brides as Coronation vibes dominate bridal accessories. Think leaf tiaras and pearl drop earrings in the style of The Princess of Wales, regal crowns, and opulent jewel-dropping necklaces.

Vintage Vibes - From corseted tailoring and drop waists to bow and feather detailing and crystal and pearl embellishment, vintage influences are evident in 2024 gowns. To accentuate bygone era style, 1950s-inspired bow headbands, glamourous Old Hollywood crystal jewellery sets, and timeless pearl accessories will be key.

Pastel Princess - Soft lavender, blush and baby blue accessories will complement on-trend pastel gowns for a romantic tonal look. We’ll see dainty headbands, pins, earrings and bracelets adorned with pearls with a hint of colour and soft-hued crystals to enhance this feminine style.

And finally, Kyna Maree says the spotlight will be on florals:

“Bridal accessories are set to make a statement like never before, as florals take centre stage alongside statement drop earrings. The year ahead heralds the resurgence of classic charm, embodied by the marriage of freshwater pearls and intricate gold detailing in simple pearl pins, combs, and contemporary gold headbands. From bold embellishments that beautifully contrast with satin gowns to delicate adornments that perfectly complement floral, lace, and beaded wedding dresses. As the bridal fashion palette evolves, expect to be enthralled by blush, beige, and latte tones dominating the scene. Classic pearls and porcelain floral accessories emerge as the perfect companions to these ethereal hues, celebrating timeless romance with a modern twist.”

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