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Love the Label / Alan Hannah 2024

Introducing the Alan Hannah Collection 2024. When we think about Alan Hannah gowns, we almost always think of 'modern romance'. Whimsical (helped by gorgeous imagery – perfect for in-boutique promotion, social media and websites) yet structured AND so sophisticated, all at once. Alan Hannah designer Marguerite Hannah’s love of high couture, glamour and theatre has meant that she knows exactly how to make the bride centre stage. And for this latest collection, she drew inspiration from the world around her - from art and architecture to nature and music. The result is a breathtaking collection that blends classic elegance with contemporary flair. It’s all so beautiful!

Alan Hannah 2024 Collection

Overall, the new Alan Hannah bridal collection feels like a striking celebration of love, beauty and creativity. It's perfect for brides who want to feel both timeless and on-trend on their big day. Sumptuous silk and satin, glossy and luxurious, high in drama and rich in style and charisma. Doesn’t that sound great?!

While each Alan Hannah bridal collection is unique, there are certain elements that tie them together. The newest collection certainly has its own distinct look and feel, but it also shares some similarities with what we’ve seen from the design house previously. While Alan Hannah has always been known its timeless designs, this new collection adds a fresh twist to classic silhouettes. The use of sheer panels and asymmetrical hemlines gives these gowns an edgier feel, while still absolutely maintaining their elegance.

This Alan Hannah 2024 collection features bold designs that make a statement without being overwhelming or imposing.

Overall, while the new Alan Hannah bridal collection certainly has its own distinct style and feel, it also builds on Magureite’s past work in exciting ways. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

There’s more at or go follow @alanhannahbridal


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