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Breaking Barriers: Justin Alexander Signature's Vow for Girls Campaign

Count to three. A child just became a bride. Every year, 12 million girls are married before they turn 18. VOW for Girls is a global movement that partners with brands, individuals and the wedding industry to end the international child marriage crisis. As part of the campaign, Justin Alexander partnered with graffiti artist, Sexsdreams to craft an exciting series of art on dress canvases. These one-of-a-kind pieces are a combination of @sexsdreams inspiration for the #versesincontrast campaign and his signature work.

VOW for Girls campaign Justin Alexanderr

In a world where the innocence of childhood should be cherished and protected, the reality of child marriage continues to be a harsh and pervasive issue. Amid this challenge, Justin Alexander Signature's Vow for Girls Child Bride Campaign emerges as a powerful force for change, aiming to shed light on this dark reality and empower girls to reclaim their futures.

Justin Alexander Signature, a renowned name in the bridal industry, has always been synonymous with elegance, grace, and the celebration of love. However, with the launch of the Vow for Girls Child Bride Campaign, the brand takes on a new dimension, using its platform to advocate for the rights of girls who are forced into early marriages.

VOW for Girls campaign Justin Alexander

As individuals and as a society, we have a moral obligation to stand up against the injustice of child marriage and protect the rights of vulnerable girls. The Vow for Girls Child Bride Campaign serves as a rallying cry for action, inviting us to join the fight for a world where every girl can grow up free from the shackles of forced marriage.

VOW for Girls campaign Justin Alexander

The auction for these dresses kicked off during New York Luxury Bridal Fashion Week on April 1st and the bidding will close later today (April 7th). All proceeds will benefit VOW For Girls. Find out how you can help today

Together, let us vow to end child marriage and ensure that every girl has the opportunity to write her own story, on her terms.


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