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Awesome Accessories: Ones to Watch

Looking ahead to 2024 (ALREADY!), and in advance of Harrogate Bridal Week, we are already well aware of the new fashion trends and ideas being developed by the known bridal names of the trade. But just for a second let’s put bridal fashion aside and look at the market for bridal accessories – all the things that are crucial in completing a bride's ensemble, adding that extra touch of elegance and personal style.

Awesome Accessories: Ones to Watch


Statement Headpieces

In 2024, brides are embracing bold and eye-catching headpieces to make a statement. From oversized floral crowns to intricate crystal-embellished tiaras, these headpieces add a touch of drama and glamour to any bridal look. Whether you opt for a bohemian-inspired headband or a regal crown, these statement pieces will undoubtedly turn heads. The princess is back!

Modern Veils

Veils have always been a classic bridal accessory, but in 2024, they are going to be given a contemporary twist. Designers are experimenting with unique shapes, lengths and embellishments to create veils that are anything but traditional. From asymmetrical cuts to delicate lace appliqués, these modern veils will add more than a touch of tradition to the complete big-day look.

Statement Earrings

In 2024, brides are letting their earrings do the talking in the form of serious ear candy. Outsized, statement earrings will take centre stage, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication along the way. From chandelier-style earrings adorned with pearls and crystals to geometric designs with a modern edge, these out-sized earrings are quite the thing for the year ahead.

Embellished Belts

A trend that has gained popularity in recent years, embellished belts continue to be a must-have accessory for brides in 2024. These waist-cinching beauties add a touch of sparkle and definition to any wedding gown, accentuating curves and creating a flattering silhouette. Whether a bride opts for a delicate beaded belt or a bold crystal-encrusted design, belts are a stylish way to enhance a bridal look.

Statement Shoes

In the last of the ‘Statements’ (you get the idea? Go bold or go home!), we are talking shoes… The question is, do they dare? In 2024, brides are stepping into their wedding day with statement shoes that reflect their personality and style. From metallic finishes to bold colours and intricate embellishments, these shoes are a fashion-forward choice that adds a touch of uniqueness to a bridal look.

Appearing at Harrogate: The accessory brands to watch

A’el Estë is an Australian brand that claims to make women feel “fearless, unapologetic and confident,” with a “bold elegance through unique jewels and accessories.” The aim is to design and create extraordinary, high-end jewellery, crowns and all manner of accessories for life’s biggest moments including, of course, weddings. A'el Este by chief designer Ashlee Lauren specialises in couture and ready-to-wear bridal accessories, millinery and jewellery that are unique yet timeless. Priding itself on its superior customer service, quality craftsmanship, unique design aesthetic and responsibility to the planet, A’el Estë is a small team of five women, based in Southern Australia. Visit @ael.este

A'el Estë Accessories


Anna Sorbie is best known to those who have been in the wedding industry for some time - like us - as the bridal hair stylist who has received numerous accolades and plaudits since launching in the Lake District in 2007. But now Anna has branched out and brought us this stunning collection of bridal headwear. Hand-crafted heirloom head pieces, designed and hand-crafted in England to combine style with comfort perfectly. After working with other headpieces that weren’t flexible enough to sit comfortably in the finished hair look and frustrated by beautiful and expensive pieces that looked amazing but weren’t functional, Anna designed this unique range using luxury freshwater pearls and the top quality crystals. Visit @anna_sorbie_accessories


Cc Handmade Bridal - Charlotte Hill’s said of the launch of her handmade wedding veil business: “After some research into the world of wedding accessories, I noticed a gap in the market for handmade wedding veils. I knew this was the area I would thrive in and created a range of beautiful and unique veils for brides looking for something different from those mass-produced accessories.” Cc veils are handmade using the finest materials including lace, crystals and pearls and Charlotte takes great pride in being able to create a veil that not only complements a bride’s gown but also brings out her individuality and personality. Cc handmade Bridal veils are designed to be passed on as heirlooms. Visit www.

Catch up with these great new names at Harrogate and visit our fashion and accessory section here

Harrogate Bridal Week takes place in the Harrogate on the 10th to 12th of September. Register here


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