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The WINterview / Indiebride

It’s the ethical, sustainable bridal brand that claims to ‘make you feel gorgeous and comfortable on your wedding day!' We had a quick chat with owner and designer Miina Laitsaari about the brand that she has always felt so passionate about...

Indiebride's Miina Laitsaari

Tell us about you

I’m originally from Finland, where I studied fashion design. I joined Indiebride London as an intern in 2010. I moved to London nine years ago and worked for them as a dressmaker and production manager. Then, in 2019, I was presented with the opportunity to take over the business, and I did so without any hesitation.

Why bridal?

I didn’t choose bridal. Life kind of just took me here. But I love bridal. Having studied fashion design, I grew to dislike the fast pace, wastefulness, and fakeness of it all. In bridal, I found that I could create beautiful gowns with a purpose and story.

What’s your earliest memory of fashion design?

One of my earliest memories of fashion design were the Mel B-inspired pants that I made for myself in school at the age of none .

What do you do when you’re not working?

I hang out with my partner and our little Yorkie. We like to walk around and discover new places, as well as just stay home and binge on Ted Lasso or Yellowstone.

Do you keep sketches of all of your designs?

No, I don’t. I don’t have time to make beautiful illustrations of my designs, so most of them are just boring technical drawings. Also, a lot of them are on loose pieces of paper, letters, envelopes etc because I never remember to carry my sketch book with me. I do the sampling myself, so no-one else even has to understand my drawings.

Do you have a signature style?

My signature style is bohemian, romantic and vintage inspired.

What does your bride look like?

My bride is the cool bride who wants to feel comfortable and look like themselves on their wedding day.

If you were getting married in the UK next year, where would the wedding be, and what would you wear?

The UK is spoiled with beautiful wedding venues, so it’s really hard to choose only one. But maybe I would have my wedding at Longton Wood with teepees and fairy lights. I would make my bohemian dress from hand crochet doilies.

Have you ever walked the catwalk?

I have never walked the catwalk.

Which boutiques stock you in the UK?

We don’t have stockists in the UK just yet. We attended the White Gallery in March 2023 and since then have been building relationships with boutiques. So if you want to be one of the first ones to stock Indiebride London in the UK (and therefore get exclusivity in your area), get in touch!

What makes a bridal boutique great?

A relaxed atmosphere and friendly consultants who listen to the bride.

What makes you unique, and successful? – what is your USP?

Our USP is handmade, sustainable bohemian wedding dresses. All but two of our materials are somehow sustainable (with the next collection, all of them).

Whose accessories complement your designs the best?

I love Folky Dokey dried flower accessories!

Tell us about your latest collection?

Our latest collection is a capsule collection of designs from the Covid-lockdown drawing board. There were many styles I wanted to include once the times allowed, hence the name Individuality. Like our brides, these dresses stand out and don’t conform to cohesion.

What are you feeling exciting about in the coming year?

I am feeling excited, as I feel that we have been doing the right things for the past year or two, and it feels like the coming year will be a spectacular one. We have been busy growing our social media, writing our blog posts, and keeping in touch with beautiful new and existing boutiques. I am excited to find the right boutiques to partner with. What’s your favourite gown?

My all-time favourite gown is the Wylie gown. The ultimate boho dress made from British lace and lined with organic bamboo. It’s designed for brides who are after some serious Stevie Nicks’ vibes in their bridal look.

You can see the latest collection from Indibride here

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