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The Wedding Knitwear Trend Report

Elegance meets cosy with this new bridal trend for 2024! As we step into the world of weddings for 2024, bridal designers are rewriting the rules of bridal fashion, and one trend is taking centerstage for winter aisle style—wedding knitwear. This trend seamlessly blends comfort with elegance, offering brides a cosy and fashion-forward alternative to traditional bridal attire. Designers like Rembo Styling and Marylise have embraced this movement, introducing stunning knitwear pieces to their collections and redefining the bridal aesthetic.

Wedding knitwear is set to storm the bridal fashion scene. Layering is a key fashion trend and it’s steadily been making its way into the bridal market. Starting with bridal separates, then gowns designed to feature two looks in one, and now bridal knitwear and layering. This new trend proves that comfort and sophistication can coexist effortlessly on the most special day of a bride's life. From intricately knitted capes to chunky knitted cardigans, forward-thinking designers have captured the essence of romance and warmth in their knitted bridal creations.

Marylise, in particular, invites brides to ‘experience love in our knitwear’, with luxury knitwear pieces created using premium quality fabrics. The link between traditional and contemporary design is expertly woven into each piece, offering brides the chance to feel both classic and on-trend simultaneously. The subtle play of textures and patterns in Marylise's knitwear is a testament to the brand's commitment to redefining bridal fashion.

Marylise knitwear collection
Marylise knitwear collection

Similarly, Rembo Styling's knitwear pieces have added a new dimension to their already eclectic collections. Their delicate knitted sweaters and long draping capes offer a new look for modern brides. Light, airy knitted pieces are layered over silk slip gowns for an effortless, ethereal bridal style.

Rembo Styling knitwear collection

Other designers are also contributing to the wedding knitwear movement. Kelly Spence has a selection of knitted capes within their accessory collection. Shrimps, known for their quirky designs, has introduced a knitted jumper that has ‘just married’ woven into the textiles, embracing the knitwear trend with a playful twist.

Shrimps Just Married Jumper
Shrimps Just Married Jumper

Bridging the gap between fashion staples and contemporary bridal design, Marry and Bride offers a carefully curated selection of wedding knitwear pieces. Their collection includes everything from elegant woollen bridal jackets to intricately designed knitted shawls, allowing brides to personalise their look while staying true to their unique style.

Marry and Bride GLAM COLLECTION 2024

Esther Andrews is also tying knots in the wedding knitwear scene, offering brides exquisite options for covering up in style. The knitwear collection includes delicate shawls and wraps that add a touch of romance to any bridal look.

Esther Andrews knitwear collection
Esther Andrews knitwear collection

Meanwhile, UK-based brand, Bridal Knot, embraces the trend with a diverse range of knitwear that includes cosy cardigans, intricate shawls, and chic sweaters, providing brides with the perfect finishing touch to their winter wedding attire.

Bridal Knot knitwear collection

These knitwear pieces are designed to be worn on the wedding day and beyond, tapping into sustainable fashion trends. From chilly wedding days, to entertaining guests the day after the wedding and taking away on the brides honeymoon, these knitted pieces will become a wardrobe staple to pair with different pieces for years to come.

The wedding knitwear trend is set to flourish in 2024, adding a new dimension to the evolving nature of bridal fashion. The knitwear movement not only offers brides unparalleled comfort but also allows them to express their unique style and wear bridal pieces on their wedding day and beyond. Could it be the next line of bridal extras that you add to your rails?

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