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Oh so 'Divine' by Modeca for 2025

The enduring Divine collection by Modeca embodies timeless elegance and romance while infusing a modern-day flair into each wedding gown! Hitting all the hot trends for 2025 brides and beyond, we take a closer look at this edgy new collection...

Divine by Modeca

Key highlights of this collection include:

  • Timeless Silhouettes: Clean, classic designs that remain beautiful over time.

  • Stunning Statements: Dramatic, detachable sleeves, bows and necklines add a unique touch.

  • 3D Floral Detailing: Romantic details using tulle, lace, or organza.

  • Colour: Breathing life into this year's collections, with colour florals and bold blacks

This exciting new collection by Modeca showcases an array of trends that redefine bridal fashion. Delicate floral elements take centre stage, with enchanting 3-D floral straps and intricate petaling on laces, adding a whimsical touch to the designs.

Vibrant and coloured laces breathe life into the traditional ivory palette, infusing a sense of modernity and individuality into the collection.

Featuring modern cuts on refined and minimalist styles, effortlessly merging contemporary styles with timeless silhouettes. The beautiful draping, graceful bows and peaked necklines enhance the enchanting appeal of these magnificent gowns.

Divine by Modeca

Divine by Modeca

The Divine Collection by Modeca is a reflection of the individuality of each bride. More than just finding a gown, is about finding that divine piece that encapsulates the essence of the bride's style and vision for her special day.

Find out more about this brand over as we discuss all things Modeca here.

Plus, we spoke to head of design, Sabrina Toy over on the Wedding Industry News Podcast, hear what she has to ay about the latest collections Listen now!

This is a new era for bridal! Elevate your bridal rails with the magic of Modeca and join their family. This is more than just a label! Contact their UK distribution team to find out more

Divine by Modeca


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