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New 'Sicilian Sunset' Collection by Veni Infantino

Veni Infantino, announces the launch of her NEW Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection... Sicilian Sunset. From the delicate lace detailing to flowing silhouettes, this collection is a masterpiece of style.

Designer Veni Infantino showcases her Italian roots with an incredible new look for her Autumn/Winter collection, featuring show-stopping designs, all captured within the romantic glow of the Sicilian sun. 

Inspired by the mesmerising beauty of the Sicilian landscape and the magical colours of the sun setting below the horizon, Veni has designed each gown in this collection to tell a captivating story of love and enchantment.

Designer Veni Infantino says "I am delighted to unveil this new collection as the inspiration behind this collection stems from my Italian roots and my love of experimenting with fashion-forward styles. Inspired by the beauty of light, from the overwhelming glow of sunset to the subtle rays of sunrise, my Sicilian Sunset collection is designed to showcase a celebration of love and romance".

Veni Infantino Sicilian Sunset
Veni Infantino shows off the beautiful new collection at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Each piece from this delightful collection is meticulously made to accentuate the bride's natural beauty and grace, ensuring that she radiates with confidence and sophistication on her special day.

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