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Halfpenny London Announces NEW Collection, SPEAK

We give you an exclusive preview of Speak, the latest bridal instalment from British bridal talent, Halfpenny London.

This week, Kate Halfpenny and her team opened up her Mayfair doors as she gave an exclusive preview of her latest bridal collection, SPEAK. Entirely designed and made in London from the finest of materials, we dive into this exquisite new collection from this British design talent.

Kate Halfpenny, Founder and Creative Director of Halfpenny London says; “What we say and how we say it matters. Words can be hypnotic and soothing, or passionate and electrifying. Words can change our life in an instant, giving us the courage to take that chance, or perhaps confirm our current path is indeed the right one. In the same way that exploring my personal style changed my life, so did discovering the power of language. In finding my voice, I was able to express myself, to speak my truth, and also listen to those around me speak theirs. As my team has grown, I’ve loved sitting back to listen. I adore how a simple phrase uttered in passing within the atelier can be the springboard to a new idea and open up a wealth of inspiration, which in turn prompts something new in an endless stream of creativity and artistry."

"Halfpenny London’s new Speak collection celebrates the beauty in communication and collaboration. With these new pieces, we give our brides another way to express themselves, to speak up sartorially, and show the world exactly who they are.”

For more information visit or follow @halfpennylondon

Image credit Leah Marie


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