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Global Bridal House 2025 Launch

This week we experienced the brand new 2025 collections from The Global Bridal House, featuring stunning new designs from Modeca, Randy Fenoli Bridal, Libelle Bridal and GBS Herve Paris. With an exclusive peek behind the scenes of this glamorous event held in Amsterdam. Here we bring you some of the highlights from the upcoming 2025 collections, with thanks to Abagencies.

Randy Fenoli Bridal
Global Bridal House Featuring Randy Fenoli Bridal


Randy Fenoli Bridal is all about creating wedding dresses that are romantic, graceful and unique. With his creative designs, the American designer ensures that every bride can find her dream dress in his collection, catering to various styles and preferences. Randy Fenoli is committed to making sure each bride feels special on her big day, offering a range of options that highlight individual beauty and style.

Randy Fenoli Bridal

Pippa Florijn Wedding Industry News
Pippa Florijn Attended the Collection Launch in Amsterdam


Modeca is well-known for its elegant and sophisticated wedding dress designs. Modeca offers different lines to suit various bride personalities. The main Modeca collection is for the romantic and classic bride. Le Papillon suits the bold and confident bride who wants to make a statement. Modeca Curves is dedicated to brides celebrating their bodies and individuality. Modeca Couture line is designed for brides seeking luxury to elevate their wedding experience.

It was a celebration of delightful detailing and some stunning statement backs!

Sabrina Toy, designer for the Modeca Collections
Sabrina Toy, designer for the Modeca Collections


GBS Herve Paris embraces the essence of honouring the bold and free-spirited bride. The dresses crafted by GBS Herve Paris not only cater to the unique tastes of these brides but also serve as an ideal choice for destination weddings. Whether it’s the intricate detailing, the flowing silhouettes or the carefully chosen fabrics, GBS Herve Paris dresses go beyond conventional fashion. The latest collections offers beautiful boho inspired designs and lace to die for!


Libelle Bridal stands out in the world of bridal fashion by embracing modern trends and contemporary designs. The brand focuses on meeting the needs of brides who are in search of a modern and stylish wedding look. Each gown reflects a dedication to innovation, with the design team consistently incorporating the latest fashion elements into their collections.

As expected, their new campaign imagery is seriously strong for this season.

For more information about any of these luscious labels, and where you can view them, contact Tony and Claire Bromilow at Abagencies below.

Office: 01204 534817 / Tony: 07962226543 / Claire: 07876089704

Follow: @abagencies


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