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The One BIG Secret is out!

We were so excited to be let in on a big secret when we spoke to Rob Pearce from Creatiques Couture a couple of weeks ago. You see, Rob let us into a secret that The One Show was due to turn up as a surprise to Andrew and film their One Big Thank You segment based on Andrew’s amazing charity work over the years, raising money for multiple charities close to the couple's hearts.

It all started with this letter:

Dear One Show

I would like Andrew Pearce to receive a big thank you for all his charity work over the last 25 years.

As his alter ego The Fabulous Miss G he has raised over £350,000 for local charities, raising money for numerous pieces of equipment for our local hospital in Portsmouth. He has also raised money for numerous other charities including Macmillan Cancer Support, Prostate Cancer UK and Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association. He has also just raised the funds to purchase a hoist for our local MS centre and last month raised £3,000 for the MND Association.

He does all of this through his drag shows along with friends who also perform and give up all their time for free.

Andrew also runs three businesses.

Please could you consider him for a thank you 🙏 Kind regards

Robert Pearce, his husband

Andrew picks up the story:

“I had no idea what was going on, and for Rob to try to keep something like this quiet was huge because I am so organised and plan so far ahead normally! When he told me to keep July the 4th free I asked ‘Why?’ and he said! ‘Just do it!’ I thought because it was also the anniversary of the Creatiques boutique we were going to do something after work – little did I know that the One Show was coming!

When I walked into the boutique I saw a film crew, but I still had no idea what was happening, and then suddenly Gaby Roslin appeared from behind the curtain! I think I screamed with excitement because we had met Gaby last year at the Sondheim Birthday Concert - she was like an old friend - so warm, caring and simply wonderful!

She asked: ‘Do you know why I’m here?’

But I had no clue, but then she mentioned The One Show’s One Big Thank You

We sang songs that we love, and then I was whisked away to a big screen where friends and family had recorded messages and I was utterly blown away! My charity work is something I do with a team of people and without them we couldn’t have raised the money that we have. That said, it was simply wonderful to be thanked for my work.”

Congratulations to Andrew – you are amazing, and thank you for all that you do, with love from Team WIN!

You can watch the screening of Andrew’s One Big Thank You on BBC iPlayer, here


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