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The Goddess Collection by Debbie Carlisle

It's been a long-lasting love affair… We have always admired and respected Debbie Carlisle as one of the UK's best accessory designers whose ethereal, timeless designs have graced our editorial features and pages for many years. Beautiful photography, an incredible work ethic and a firm nod to sustainability are hallmarks of the brand that Debbie Carlisle created from her light and airy studio in Sheffield.

We will let Debbie pick up the story: "A lifetime love of fashion, art and design, coupled with my struggle to find the perfect bridal accessories for my own wedding led me to launch my design label in 2009. Fast forward nearly 15 years and I have a dream job that I dearly love and I've created thousands of wedding accessories for brides and boutiques worldwide.

I’m inspired by my brides and the natural world to create thoughtfully designed handcrafted wedding headdresses with an eye on bridal and fashion trends but also retain a timeless classic feel. My wedding hair accessories have an ethereal style inspired by the delicate vines, flowers and botanicals of the meadows and hedgerows of the English countryside and has a wild, deconstructed bohemian feel.

From crowns to headbands, hairpins to hair vines and combs, I take a considered approach to every piece I design and make, using only the most beautiful, high-quality materials to carefully create delicate, comfortable bridal hair accessories that are not only a joy to wear on your wedding day but are designed to be worn long afterwards and treasured by generations to come."

Debbie’s designs reflect the current trends in bridal fashion - which makes them very popular with designers like Kate Beaumont and Kate Halfpenny - but are ultimately inspired by the natural outdoors and the English countryside. Debbie’s bridal hair accessories range from hair vines to hairpins, headbands and crowns to combs and circlets and incorporate Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and carved mother-of-pearl flowers. Debbie’s designs are handmade in her beautiful urban studio and have a whimsical, bohemian style but with that all-important contemporary edge.

The latest Debbie Carlisle collection is called Goddess with good reason. Debbie: "Goddess is a collection of luxury artisan-made bridal hair accessories for modern brides. A mesmerising gathering of crowns, headbands, hairpins and veils that are entirely customisable so you can embrace your unique style.

Inspired by the idea of creating for a modern-day Goddess - these adornments are as strong and bold as they are feminine and beautiful, as memorable and lasting in time as they are fleeting and ethereal in style.

This collection is the result of a long and carefully considered design process with the aim of creating a thoughtful and truly special collection that works with current trends but is unlike any collection you'll find elsewhere."

The Goddess Collection can be ordered through Debbie's website as individual pieces or for wholesale at boutiques.

Call: 0114 489 8182

Follow: @debbiecarlisle_

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