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Love the Label / ÉLYSÉE 2024

ÉLYSÉE was launched in 2019 and represented Bridal Collective’s first entry into the mainstream bridal market – that is a high-end appeal with accessible pricing. Here we have a long look at the latest collections from this beautiful label, presenting ÉLYSÉE, Édition, Étoile and Atelier.

The Concept At ÉLYSÉE, everything begins with design. Inspired by the pure lines and perfect proportions of Neoclassical art and architecture, precise shapes are enriched with precious details to accentuate the figure while elongating and contouring the body. Traditional brides will fall in love with ÉLYSÉE’s timeless and modern silhouettes.

The 2024 ÉLYSÉE collection showcases the same superior fit as previous seasons along with thoughtful upgrades on bestselling designs and all-new gorgeous features. 18 styles are offered in the 2024 ÉLYSÉE collection, with lined versions available on select gowns.

ÉLYSÉE Édition ÉLYSÉE is a size-inclusive collection by Artistic Directors Chris and Mark Russell. Designed to serve brides in sizes 20-36 (UK) / 46-62 (EU) Édition is in keeping with the signature ÉLYSÉE aesthetic featuring special editions of favourite ÉLYSÉE styles, updated with customised tailoring and construction.

Influenced by traditional 18th-century patterns, the construction on each ÉLYSÉE Édition gown has been ingeniously reimagined from the inside out to further contour, enhance and support brides’ figures. The result is a masterfully handcrafted collection of beautifully unique designs inspired by beloved, proven bestsellers. 12 styles are offered in the 2024 ÉLYSÉE Édition collection.

ÉLYSÉE Étoile ÉTOILE presents classically romantic designs with a fresh infusion of elegance and youthful style. Brides will recognise the aesthetic inspired by ÉTOILE’s sister line ÉLYSÉE but will discover that it has a unique personality all of its own. ÉTOILE will delight brides with its signature body contouring fit in classic and contemporary silhouettes. ÉTOILE, French for ‘STAR’, accentuates each bride’s natural brilliance allowing her to shine... exactly what stars are meant to do.

The 2024 ÉTOILE collection showcases the same superior construction as its sister line and updated takes on bestselling designs and gorgeous new detailing. 18 styles are offered in the 2024 ÉTOILE collection.

ÉLYSÉE Atelier From renowned bridal design stars and Artistic Directors Chris and Mark Russell comes the opulent ÉLYSÉE Atelier collection, a couture-level approach to the sumptuous decoration characterised by the ÉLYSÉE aesthetic.

ÉLYSÉE Atelier is a splendid evolution of the brand’s signature style and complex pattern design.

Gowns from the Atelier line are enriched with hand-beaded and embroidered details subtly woven throughout the intricately hand-placed lace for a chic, sophisticated bridal vision come to life. Eight styles are offered in the luxurious 2024 ÉLYSÉE Atelier collection.

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